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912 Registry Magazine Archives

Spring 2017

Featured Articles:
  • My 912 and Me (Part 2) by Richard Maxey
  • Its the Roads by Tom Roos
  • PATCHES: A Rusty Resurrection by David Langston
  • Roundup in Round Top by Mike Vriesenga
  • Four-Cylinder Porsches Dominate at the Circuit of the Americas (Again) by Bob Gillespie
  • Basic Power Coating by Peter Graham

Winter 2016

Featured Articles:
  • My 912 and Me by Richard Maxey
  • Sometimes Opportunity Doesn't Knock - It Crashes! by Russel Turpin
  • How Do They Do That: Stoddard Steelies by Bradley Brownell
  • A Different View photo essay by Eric Chan
  • Adjusting Valves on the 912 Engine
  • Why Did I Buy a 912E? by Paul Bates

Fall 2016

Featured Articles:
  • From The Editor's Desk by Mike Vriesenga
  • From Bliss to Bondo by Dan Wilis Hansen
  • Santa Cruz: A Crazy Trip by Charles Danek
  • 2016 West Coast Rendezvous by Charles Danek
  • Coco by Bob Craig
  • Breakfast at the Circle by Kevin Lynch
  • "The Elephant in the Room by Mike Horton
  • Pre-"Vous" - the Kid in the Eye Candy Store by Mike Vriesenga

Summer 2016

Featured Articles:
  • Dana Point Concours 2016 by Jeff Trask
  • Canyon Carving in the Rain by Mike Vriesenga
  • Sell my your Porsche, please by Brian and Sue Sanders
  • Bahammer by Kevin Lynch
  • The Deep End a Photo Essay by Wyatt Seaverns
  • 2016 Porsche GT3 RS Review - (Lego Version) by Charles Danek
  • A Look Apart by Bill Cahill

Spring 2016

Featured Articles:
  • Dreams Can Come True by Michael Newlon
  • Let's Go! by Michael Newlon
  • Highway 101 by Michael Newlon
  • Highway 395 by Michael Newlon
  • Highway 95: "Desolation Highway - Porsche Style by Michael Newlon
  • Obituary: Michael Newlon 1945-2015

Winter 2015

Featured Articles:
  • 50 Years Porsche 912: An Interview with Author Jurgen Lewandowski by Charles Danek
  • Sixth Street Bridge by John Benton
  • A Road Trip to Remember by Brian and Sue Sanders
  • A Look Apart by Bill Cahill
  • The 2016 January Roundup: Driving with Eagles by Mike Vriesenga
  • Save the Date!

Fall 2015

Featured Articles:
  • Forever Amazing by Howard Laster
  • Running Down A Dream by Jason Stanson
  • 14th Annuay 912 Registry West Coast Rendezvous, September 10-13: Furnace Creek, Death Valley, CA by Steve Group
  • Rendezvous Drive 2015 by Bud O'Lea
  • 1st Annual 2015 912 Registry East Coast Rendezvous by Harry Hoffman
  • Point A to Point B by Peter Graham
  • That's What It's All About by Mike Vriesenga
  • The French Celebrate the 50 Years of the 912 by Bernard-Louis Denis

Summer 2015

Featured Articles:
  • Targa California - 912 Experience by Travis Trussell
  • May 9, 2015: O'Malleys by John Benton
  • May 9, 2015: Castle Bensberg by Micheal Heinemann
  • Road Trip USA by Alister Cant
  • Trails by Christine Kanter
  • Restoration Romantic: The Perfect Porsche Vacation by Michael Benet
  • A Look Apart by Bill Cahill

Spring 2015

Featured Articles:
  • On The Road Again by Richard Sutcliffe
  • SoCal Porsche Week by Charles Danek
  • Miss Luna in the Rally Niet et Glaceby Gerald Garcia
  • I Survived the Hill Country Rallye by Rick Miranda
  • Touring Cape Town in a 912 by Vince Perraud

Winter 2014

Featured Articles:
  • 14th Annual 2014 912 West Coast Rendezvous, October 23-25, 2014 by Bradley Brownell
  • On The Way To The Rendezvous by Iris Danek
  • Miraposa County Drive by Bradley Brownell
  • Majestic Panoramas of Yosemite by Zeke Duge
  • The Beater From La Mirada by Bill Cahill
  • 2014 Lone Star 912 Brew Tour by Mike Vriesenga
  • Oil Check by Peter Graham
  • Southern Comfort by Rick Miranda
  • 'Vous Car Show by Jeff Trask
  • A Look Apart by Bill Cahill

Fall 2014

Featured Articles:
  • E-Extraction from Quantico: Another Cross Country Adventure by Bob Ashlock
  • PCA Timeline Lake Arrowhead by Charles Danek
  • My Adppted Family by Ronnie Gausman
  • 45 Years Together by John Rotner
  • A Look Apart by Bill Cahill
  • Round Tuit by Mike Vriesenga

Summer 2014

Featured Articles:
  • Hill Country Rallye by Bob Ashlock
  • Engine Fire by Steve Williamson
  • Benton Performance: Director's Take by Heath Mattioli
  • Benton Performance: Closeup Look by Bud O'Lea
  • Fuel Pressure: A trouble-shooting guide for when your fuel line fails in the middle of nowhere, someplace outside Las Cruces, new Mexico by Charles Danek
  • From the Archives Courtesy of Panorama
  • Is the 912 a Sports Car?

Spring 2014

Featured Articles:
  • 912 Rally Car by Tom Roos
  • 1969 Sand Beige Targa: Further down the Road by Ned Bunell
  • 1969 Sand Beige Targa: The Hunt by Jim Chambers
  • 1969 Sand Beige Targa: Custodians of History by Charles Danek
  • 7 Lessons in 912 Economics by Charles Danek
  • 1969 Sunroof Coupe - Indian Wells by Carol LeFlufy
  • Thank You. But it is Actually a 912 by David Safris
  • Roundup in Round Top by Mike Vriesenga
  • Phoenix Club by Iris Danek
  • Why We Do This by Adam Sureau
  • A Look Apart by Bill Cahill
  • Howard Beard in Memorial by Dave Lovato
  • 2014 'Vous by Jeff Trask

Winter 2013

Featured Articles:
  • All About Design by Rick Miranda
  • Vous Intro by Charles Danek
  • Rendezvous Drive by Bradley Barnell
  • A Gift From Japan by Charles Danek
  • The Connecting Link by Gerald Garcia
  • 2013 West Coast 912 Registry Rendezvous by Paula Golus
  • Brew Tour by Mike Vriesenga
  • Three Porsches In My Life by John Ramsey
  • A Look Apart by Bill Cahill
  • 912 Registry West Coast Rendezvous Car Show by Iris Danek