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912 Rendezvous News

This years East and West Coast 912 Rendezvous have been announced!  Please follow the links below to be taken to find details for each event.

912 Rendezvous History

In the early 2000's Jeff Trask and Craig Norton had each successfully created a following of 912 owners in Northern and Southern California.  Each group was unique in that they were independently doing their own events, having local coffee gatherings, attending broader Porsche related events and making the world take notice at a model that was being overlooked at the time.  What they had in common though was their love and passion for the 912, and that both groups frequented Dave Hillman's forum. 

By the Spring of 2002 Jeff and Craig were looking for a way to host an event where 912 owners from both regions could meet up for a social gathering.  Their goal was to create an event similar to the 356 club's North Meets South event.  From that seed, the 912 Rendezvous was born.  That first event took place in August 2-4 2002, and had over 45 912s in attendance.  At that first 912 Rendezvous a group of leaders with in the 912 community got together and formalized the 912 Registry as a club, and gave birth to the organization we know today.

The 912 Rendezvous is defined as:  An annual gathering of 912 owners and enthusiasts, consisting of a minimum 3 day event including drives, social gatherings, and a banquet for the purpose of connecting 912 owners in person.  Some events that may happen at a Rendezvous include: welcome parties, tours of museums or private collections, tech sessions, and car shows. 

Since 2002 a Rendezvous has been held every year, and in 2015 we expanded our reach to having an East and West Coast Rendezvous.

West Coast Rendezvous Locations and Dates:
2002: Solvang, CA
2003: Solvang, CA
2004: Seaside, CA
2005: Solvang, CA
2006: San Luis Obispo, CA
2007: Solvang, CA
2008: San Luis Obispo, CA
2009: Morro Bay, CA
2010: Santa Rosa, CA
2011: San Diego, CA
2012: Cambria, CA
2013: Carmel, CA
2014: Yosemite, CA
2015: Paso Robles, CA
2016: Santa Cruz, CA
2017: Murphy’s, CA
2018: Solvang, CA
2019: Pismo Beach, CA

East Coast Rendezvous Locations and Dates:
2015: Seven Springs, PA
2016: Staunton, VA
2017: Fontana Dam, NC
2019: Roanoke, VA